Mahiran Digital

Our story (so far)


Mahiran Digital Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia Bumiputera company, is an IT solutions provider specializing in consultation, software development, digital marketing, and supplying hardware. Established in 2021, we prioritize high ethical standards, aiming to be the best in delivering valuable products and services. Our diverse team is committed to making the world smarter every day. "DIGITIZING IS FOR EVERYONE" is our guiding motto.

We came together over a shared excitement about building a product that could solve our own problem of where our next favourite hack is coming from. But also a product that helps everyone thrive in this market: from founders and engineers to companies and investors.

We all thrive on learning something new every day and everyone is constantly trying on different hats. We are working with new technologies while rethinking an old industry and are excited about all the possibilities and opportunities to innovate.

It’s a problem deeply ingrained in traditional sectors like startups and the wider service industry but which has been compounded in the past five to ten years by the emergence of the mostly tech-powered gig economy which has created a new generation of shift workers and indeed.

We are a happy, small team

Various versions of experience have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose, and by injecting humour and the like.

Team 01
Mohsin Ismail
Team 02
Ts. Dr. Wan Isni Sofiah
CTO & Security Manager
Team 03
Ts. Dr. Azlee Zabidi
Project Consultant
Team 04
Hazim Nazri
HR & Admin
Team 05
Izzat Rizal
Project Manager
Team 06
Abdul Hakim
Data Engineer
Team 07
Sharifah Lydieanna
Software Engineer
Team 07
Nafiz Mansor
Software Engineer
Team 08
Head of Designer
Team 09
Farah Nabilah
Network & System Engineer
Team 10
Wan Aida
System Analyst
Team 10
Software Tester
The security first platform

Supercharge your security

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