What is Intelligent Automation (IA)

IA is the use of automated technology that adapts to your business and streamlines decision -making processes to deliver unified solutions that help improve the efficiency of your business.

By simplifying the process, IA is an effective way to increase productivity while reducing human error. By combining Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Management (BPM) to automate workflows and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to complete back office tasks, you can reduce the need for human labor in the production of goods and services.

The IA solution creates a self -management system, fully self -healing with minimum maintenance and maximum efficiency. By imitating human reasoning it has the ability to adapt.

For an IA to succeed in its implementation, it must be intelligent in feeling its environment, intelligent in assessing context, and trustworthy in making decisions and recognizing exceptions.

How Complicated To Implement IA In Business

As a fully unified system, IA can be easily implemented into your business.

Cortex is the first integrated IA platform that can provide complex event management, machine intelligence and process automation organized in one automation platform. Because of this, it can be implemented without code to provide a solution that integrates quickly with your existing technology tools.

No need to completely remove your current system. Due to the ease of implementation, you can start automating your business processes easily and effectively with proven technology.

How Smart Automation Is Best For Business

It not only simplifies the process for your business without the issue of human error, but it can increase your ROI with incredible speed.

While the arguments for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in business are still inconclusive, IA has already proven effective when it comes to automating your systems.

AI, as a concept, requires systems to have the ability to think like humans.

While still in development, this has limited ways to successfully implement AI solutions into your business. Machine learning is a subset of AI and takes automation a step further by using data to predict future needs. However, these systems lack the streamlined and reliable output quality provided by Intelligent Automation, making IA a better solution for most organizations.

With 98% of incidents automated for self-healing and 80% of responses automated for self-management, in addition to proven technological success, IA truly is the future of business.

Credit to: https://bit.ly/3trvJ2y