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With a high volume of platform options for industrial businesses, here are the top 5 IIoT stocks for 2022
The Industrial IoT platform is a set of integrated software capabilities to improve asset management decision-making. Given the cracked and swarmed market, and the developing capability of IIoT to extract value from data, diminish costs, improve tasks and present new plans of action, experts suggest that organizations searching for a platform give time to explore. They additionally propose concentrating on industry-explicit use cases and results. With a high volume of platform options for industrial businesses, here are some of the top 5 IIoT stocks for 2022.

Current Market Stock: US$98.00

Siemens offers three IIoT solutions: Industrial Edge for integrating IT into production and leveraging machine data; MindSphere which allows for custom IoT applications; and Mendix, a low-code platform for quickly and efficiently building apps.

Current Market Stock: US$173.61

Honeywell’s Connected OEM is an IIoT platform that allows for remote equipment monitoring to “harness opportunities to cut costs, improve reliability, enhance performance, and drive incremental revenue.”

Current Market Stock: US$13.55

Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud lets companies manage their operations from a single platform. It includes AI-enabled cameras to improve safety, real-time vehicle diagnostics, and the ability to track trailers and other equipment.

Current Market Stock: US$103.20

PTC offers its customers a portfolio of computer-aid design, product lifestyle management, IoT, and augmented reality technologies. PTC’s ThingWorx platform helps companies build and implement IIoT solutions. The company’s services have been used by the automotive, life sciences, oil and gas, and aerospace industries.

Current Market Stock: US$2.78

Tulip’s software platform lets sensors, cameras, and other IoT hardware communicate in a plug-and-play environment so users can get a detailed overview of problem areas on the floor that need to be addressed. Additionally, manufacturers can use Tulip’s technology for interactive work instructions, automatic data collection, quality control, audits, machine monitoring, and training.

Embue’s IIoT smart building technology lets building owners and managers know what’s happening with on-site equipment and the indoor environment. Residents get the benefit of IIoT-enabled devices that include the Embue thermostat, sensor, leak detector, shut-off valve controller, smart wall outlet, smart controller, and smart core.

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