Top 10 Platforms to Find Computer Vision Models in 2022

These top computer vision platforms will make the understanding of visual data a lot easier.

Computer vision models are designed to translate visual data based on features and contextual information identified during training. This enables models to interpret images and videos and apply those interpretations to predictive or decision-making tasks. Here are the top 10 platforms where you can find computer vision models in 2022.

The models websites included OpenCV – Real-Time Computer Vision Library, TensorFlow – Software Library for Machine Learning, CUDA – Parallel Computing and Programming, Viso Suite – No-Code Computer Vision Platform for Businesses, MATLAB – Programming Platform for Engineers and Scientists, Keras – The Python Deep Learning API, SimpleCV – Open Source Framework for Machine Vision, BoofCV – Computer Vision Library for Real-Time Applications, CAFFE – A Fast Open Framework for Deep Learning and OpenVINO – Free Toolkit for Deep Learning Models on Intel Hardware

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