ShotSpotter’s incident-review room is like any other call centre

Analysts wearing headsets sit by computer screens and listening intently. Yet the people working here have an extraordinary responsibility.

They make the final decision on whether a computer algorithm has correctly identified a gunshot and whether to dispatch the police.

ShotSpotter came up with a system where the microphones are fixed to structures around a neighbourhood. When a loud bang is detected, the computer analyses the sound and classifies it as either a gunshot or something else. Then, human analyst steps in to review the decision.

ShotSpotter’s Successes

In April 2017, black supremacist Kori Ali Muhammad went on a murderous rampage in Fresno, California.

Yet, ShotSpotter was able to indicate to officers of Muhammad’s route and Muhammad was apprehended after three minutes and he had done three murders.

Fresno police believe that without ShotSpotter, he would have killed more.

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