AI implementation across companies is awaiting huge market potential in 2022
Companies across the world are increasingly turning to AI implementation for their smooth business operations. The technology has become very constructive in performing a wide range of tasks that are complex and cumbersome for humans, bolstering employee productivity. The use of AI can also aid enterprises to combat cybersecurity risks and thwart them from potential data breaches. With the growing capabilities of AI across diverse business functions, here is the key driver of the technology.

Enterprise Adoption of AI
Enterprises nowadays are investing heavily in AI technologies to unleash the power of their business. They are adopting the technologies to perform tasks ranging from planning, envisaging, and predictive maintenance to customer service chatbots and more. As more and more enterprise tasks will be performed by AI, companies can see a huge transformation in their businesses and drive efficiency. Though businesses are in the early stage of AI adoption, they are yet to learn how to implement this technology to get the most out of it.

Rapid Surge of AI Applications
AI has been around for several decades transforming all aspects of businesses and lives. The current surge in AI research and investment has given an incredible rise in AI applications. These applications do not just promise to yield better business outcomes but enhance the human experience as a whole. The technology is currently being applied to a wide array of industries ranging from healthcare, retail, and food tech to banking, logistics, and transportation. Applications of AI have also expanded to real estate, entertainment, and gaming in recent years, and are expected to develop further in the coming years.

Customer Experience
AI is capable of improving customer experience as it is rapidly transforming the way companies interact with their customers. To enhance efficiency and ability to deliver services, companies are invested in customer service AI solutions. Key players in the customer experience field are also looking for AI to augment intimacy to understand customers profoundly, drive customization and create personalized journeys.

Business Development
Artificial Intelligence has a positive impact on the development of a business. The greatest potential value AI offers can influence both top-line-oriented functions, such as marketing and sales, and bottom-line-oriented operational functions like supply chain management and manufacturing. The technology is not only proving beneficial for large businesses that seek to obtain high competitive gains but small businesses are also being benefited from better strategic development using AI.

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