Probably the most difficult step in the dev career is to jump from simple CRUD-like projects in the early years into some senior-level stuff with bigger architecture and a higher level of responsibility for the code quality. So, in this article, I tried to list the questions (and some answers) to think about, when working with large(r) Laravel projects.

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Disclaimer: What is a LARGE project?

First, I want to explain what I mean by “large”. Some people measure that in the number of database records, like million rows in users table is large. Yes, but it’s a large database, not the Laravel project itself.

What I mean by a larger project is mostly the number of entities to manage. In simple terms, how many Eloquent Models your project has. If you have many models, it usually means complexity. With that, as secondary measurement numbers, you may count the number of routes or public Controller methods.

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