With new developments in artificial intelligence, machines are learning to not only perform human tasks but also go further. However, for humans and machines to work together more smoothly, machines need to occupy the same space and humanoids are the best platform to do this. This article features the 5 most surprising facts about human-like robots.

Most Human-Like Robots Are Female

From Nadine to Sophia you will find most humanoids are female. Since women are considered warmer and more likely to experience emotions than men, the female gender of AI objects contributes to their humanizing. Friendliness and experience (but not efficiency) are indeed seen as basic qualities to be a full human being but lack a machine.

Ideology for the Destruction of Mankind

In various interviews, it has been seen that human -like robots have destructive thoughts and want to either destroy or dominate humans. Is it possible for robots to dominate humans? The possibilities are endless, and ever-evolving technology can endanger humans.

Robots Can Read Your Mind

Are you scared? A new methodology has been developed by robotics experts that can create images of your thoughts using FMRI scanners. The robot is designed to build an image from your brain and compare it to other pictures received from volunteers.

Human-Like Robots Have Citizens and Passports

Sophia, a life-like robot has gained guaranteed citizenship of Saudi Arabia. This has led to a lot of controversy as people are wondering and questioning whether robots should have rights or not. The main purpose of artificial intelligence is for humans to have machines that think faster and more efficiently.

Robots to Eliminate Jobs

While the robot revolution didn’t take everyone’s work, automation took some of them, especially in areas like manufacturing. And it just makes the job different: Machines may not eliminate positions, but they may convert more mid-skilled jobs to lower -skilled jobs, bringing lower wages with it.

Credit to: https://bit.ly/3qyxeu3