Internet of Things (IoT) connects smart devices to network to collect data, analyze and make smart decisions while Machine 2 Machine (M2M) enables the devices to communicate and perform the required action without human involvement. IoT and M2M are technologies that help to improve productivity, efficiency, accuracy and improves the overall quality of lifestyle. Both of them are very similar but IoT is the latest technology while M2M is the basis for IoT.

What is IoT?

IoT is a rapidly growing technology in the modern world. It connects the smart devices to the network to collect and analyze data and make smart decisions such as smartphone, smartwatch, smartcar and more. These devices connect to gateway and the gateway passes those data to cloud for further processing and analyzes. It sends the data back and forth to the cloud and back to the devices. Apart from that, cloud computing provides the pathway to share and store data for IoT applications.

Examples of IoT.

– Smart home. The devices communicate each other to control the appliances, increase security and for eficiency management.

– Health care. IoT helps in health care to monitor patient’s health.

– Smart agriculture system. The system can sense soil moisture and weather and also water the plants automatically only if necessary. This will avoid unnecessary water wastage.

What is M2M?

M2M is the connection and communication between two or more devices. It utilizes the shared information. Usually the devices such as sensors and monitors collect data and send the data to the central application. Other than that, it uses automatic software programs to allow network devices on understanding data and to make useful decisions.

Examples of M2M.

– Product monitoring. Multiple machines can exchange data about the new products and also out of stock products.

– Robotics.

– Logistic management.

The difference between IoT and M2M.

– IoT uses wireless communication while M2M uses wired or wireless communication.

– IoT requires an active internet connection while M2M does not necessarily requires an active internet connection.

– IoT relies on internet connectivity and cloud while M2M relies on the cellular or the wired network.

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