An electric scooter that can go 100 kmph (62 mph)? The sleek new machine is designed to leave the clumsy scooters you see buzzing around the suburban Highway, in the dust.

The S1-X designed by YCOM company features inflatable tires, a 1.5 kilowatt hour battery and a carbon fiber chassis. According to Mr. Nicola Scimeca, founder of YCOM, a motorsport technology firm, it offers unpredictably stable driving.

In addition, there is no noise from the exhaust instead there is the sound of electric motors squeaking as it accelerates up and down as well as the roar of tires as they grip the track.

The S1-X is an all-new racing vehicle. It will be used by all competitors at next year’s eSkootr Championship, the world’s first e-scooter tournament event.

But there are many other electric vehicle (EV) racing events popping up around the country showcasing and championing significant advances in EV technology.

Formula E has been around for years, but newer EV racing events have emerged in recent times.

However, each heat in the eSkootr Championship will only last four or five minutes because the relatively small battery embedded in the base of the scooter does not last long.

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