Google has sued hackers believed to be part of a cybercrime group that has stolen user information from around the world.

The complaint names two Russians and 15 unidentified individuals who are said to be behind Gupteba, a malicious “botnet” that has infected more than a million computers.

Criminals use these compromised device systems to hack personal data.

It is the first case Google has launched against botnets.

According to a lawsuit filed in New York and opened on Tuesday, the botnet built by Dmitry Starovikov, Alexander Filippov and their allies has become “the embodiment of modern and borderless technology organized crime”.

Glupteba’s malicious software which was first detected in 2011 is spread by third -party download sites, online movie streaming services and websites that are fraudulently affiliated with YouTube, which is owned by Google.

Personal information stolen through botnets can be used to commit crimes such as fraud.

Court documents claim that the Glupteba botnet stands out from the rest because of its “technical sophistication”.

Mr Starovikov and Mr Filippov is the only two hackers whose names are known – could not be traced immediately to comment on the charges.

In a blog post, Google revealed that the company’s investigation found Glupteba now involves about one million affected Windows devices.

At times, botnets are believed to grow at the rate of thousands of new devices every day.

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