Facebook said it is introducing a new feature to give people more control over what appears in their news feeds.

Social networks have been under in-depth scrutiny in recent years for the way its algorithms promote the content.

Now, it says it’s testing controls to adjust people’s position preferences and adjust feeds.

For example, this includes on increasing the number of posts from friends and family, and reducing posts from groups and pages.

It will also make pre-existing controls “easier to access”, he said – such as the favorites and snooze features, which are largely found in the settings sub-menu.

“We will start testing in countries around the world to a small percentage of people, gradually growing in the next few weeks,” Facebook said in its announcement post.

“This is part of our ongoing work to give people more control over news feeds, so that they see more of the things they want and less of the things they don’t.”

Credit to: https://bbc.in/3oBZjiW

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