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Build Your Portfolio with These Top 10 Robotic Project Ideas

For all the robotics enthusiasts, here are top 10 ideas for robotic projects that help you to build your portfolioRobotics is thriving in educational institutes ranging from K12 to Ph.D. students in ...

Screen-sharing scams on the rise, watchdog warns

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is warning people to beware of people posing as investment advisers and offering to help them set up new schemes via online meeting platforms. They ask their ...

20 Useful Laravel Tips

So here are the 20 tips and trick on Laravel provide by Ashley Allen. Using DATETIME Fields Instead of Booleans Naming Date and Time Columns Using Matrix Sequences in Factories Using ...

Market Potential of AI Implementation

AI implementation across companies is awaiting huge market potential in 2022Companies across the world are increasingly turning to AI implementation for their smooth business operations. The ...

Amazon targets review firms with legal action

Amazon is taking legal action against four companies it has accused of deliberately flooding its shopping platform with fake reviews. Three of the firms had nearly 350,000 reviewers on their books. ...


Sixty-five percent (65%) of children entering primary school today will end up working in jobs that have yet to be created. How can we prepare our students for a future we can hardly imagine ...
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