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Clearview AI fined in UK for illegally storing facial images

Facial recognition company Clearview AI has been fined more than £7.5m by the UK’s privacy watchdog and told to delete the data of UK residents. The company gathers images from the internet to...

Why Hybrid Intelligence Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?

The majority of work in the digital age will be performed by Hybrid Intelligence, which combines human and artificial intelligence (AI)The majority of work in the digital age will be performed by...

Facebook and Google news law passed in Australia

Australia has passed a world-first law aimed at making Google and Facebook pay for news content on their platforms. The legislation had been fiercely opposed by the US tech giants, with Facebook...

Laravel Livewire: 14 Tips and Tricks

The 14 tips are included No render() needed, Components in Subfolders, Components in non-default Folder, Easily Rename or Move Components, Change Default Component Templates, Don’t Create a...

How To Build An Impressive Data Science Portfolio As A Fresher?

As a fresher here’s how you can build an impressive portfolio to show off your data science skills.As a fresher, when you do not have a relevant degree or enough experience, credibility needs to be...

Facebook accused of deliberately disrupting Australia emergency services

Facebook deliberately used an over-zealous blocking system that took down the pages of Australian emergency services last year as a negotiating tactic, whistleblowers claim. The social network moved...
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