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Linux commands to have fun on Terminal

cmatrix xcowsay sl aafire asciiquarium xeyes asciiview yes fortune Bonus: banner + lolcat Credits : ...

Twitter steps up Ukraine misinformation fight

Twitter has said it plans to put misleading tweets from official accounts about the Ukraine war behind warning notices. The change follows heightened scrutiny of the social media platform after the ...

Little Figma tricks that saved your time.

Being a Product Designer, your tool is your superpower. When I switched from Sketch to Figma I felt a little handicapped. I vividly remember struggling to deliver projects on time. I had a hard time ...

Canada to ban China’s Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks

Canada says it will ban two of China’s biggest telecoms equipment makers from working on its 5G phone networks. The restrictions against Huawei and ZTE were announced by the country’s ...

Deploy your PHP Codebase with Ansible and GitHub Actions

This tutorial will show you how you can automate the deploy of your PHP codebase with the help of GitHub Actions and Ansible. There are a lot of different approaches when it comes to deploying your ...

How to Be a 10x Software Engineer (3 common mistakes juniors engineers make)

The best engineers are 10x better than an average engineer. Like a one man army, they deliver more value, faster, by themselves, than a team of junior engineers combined. But how could that be? Isn’t ...
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