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Laravel: Get Newest/Oldest Records from Pivot Table in BelongsToMany

Default belongsToMany relationship in Laravel works really well – you can easily attach, detach or sync records. But what if you want to order pivot records by newest or oldest? This article will show ...


Metaverse is capable of transforming any aspect of real-life into a virtual aspect. With the evolving technology and systems, the term Metaverse is no longer just associated with science. With a ...

Elon Musk pulls out of $44bn deal to buy Twitter

Elon Musk is seeking to end his $44bn (£36bn) bid to buy Twitter, alleging multiple breaches of the agreement. The announcement is the latest twist in a long-running saga after the world’s ...

The Three Qualities of a Senior UX Design

Last year I was approached by a recruiter for a company who asked if I was interested in a senior UX design role at a mid-sized fintech company. When I declined, the recruiter seemed confused. “You ...

Subsea internet cables could help detect earthquakes

Internet cables that crisscross the sea-floor could be used to detect earthquakes and tsunamis or monitor how climate change alters ocean currents. These telecoms cables could be used as a giant array ...

Laravel Roles and Permissions: Gates and Policies Explained

In Laravel, roles and permissions have been one of the most confusing topics over the years. Mostly, because there is no documentation about it: the same things “hide” under other terms in ...
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