Cryptocurrency exchange BitMart said hackers had stolen tokens worth about $150m (£ 113m) from its “hot wallet”.

Those affected, one storing Ethereum and one Binance Smart Chain token, “carried a small percentage of assets on BitMart and all of our other wallets safe and unaffected”, he said.

But the first security company to realize the hacking estimated the stolen tokens were worth nearly $200m.

“We are currently conducting a comprehensive security review and we will post updates as we progress.” and it will try to “maintain transparency” as it addresses the impact of the attack.

Many investors recommend transferring large amounts of cryptocurrencies that are not needed for day-to-day trading to “cold” storage, disconnected from the wider internet.

Mt Gox handles most Bitcoin transactions in the world-up to 850,000 bitcoins are “lost”, the company shut down. Since then, attacks have been an ongoing problem for crypto exchanges and investors.

Major hacking on cryptocurrency platforms is so frequent that it is difficult to follow. The latest follows the usual pattern we do – a large number of stolen cryptocurrencies and a small number of details from victims.

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