Apple plans to introduce some changes to make it harder to misuse AirTags to track someone.

The button-sized device is designed to work with Apple’s ‘Find Me’ network to find missing items.

The company said the changes to the device would make suspicious tags easier to find and warned users in advance that AirTags might carry them.

In January, several women told the BBC that they had been followed up using AirTags.

Apple launched AirTags in April last year. A small round device can be attached to luggage or a key or anything you can lose. But the device can be misused to track people by hiding in cars or on personal items like bags.

As part of a change to make abuse more difficult, Apple said every user who provides their AirTag for the first time will see a warning message that using the device to track people without permission is a crime in many regions around the world.

Currently, iPhone users (and Android users who download apps) receive an “unwanted tracking” alert if an unknown AirTag moves with them.

Apple announced that the public will be notified in advance that an unknown AirTag is on its way with them. When the public is warned about “unwanted tracking” by AirTag, users of iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 devices will be able to use “precision search”, to see distances and directions to an unknown AirTag when it is in range. Previously only AirTag owners could do this.

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