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Do you want the next lawyer be a robot to defend you?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software systems which is the computer programs that can update and โ€œthinkโ€ by themselves are increasingly being used by the legal industry.

Joshua Browder describes his app “DoNotPay” as the world’s first robot lawyer.

It helps users draft legal letters. You write and tell on its chatbot on what your problem is such as appealing against a parking fine and it will suggest on what it thinks is the best legal language to use.

“People can type in their side of an argument using their own words and software with a machine learning model matches that with a legally correct way of saying it,” he says.

Since then, the app has spread across the UK and US, and it can now help the user write letters dealing with a range of issues such as insurance claims, applying for tourist visas, complaint letters to a business or local authority, getting your money back for a holiday you can no longer go on or cancelling gym membership.

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