The Three Qualities of a Senior UX Design

Last year I was approached by a recruiter for a company who asked if I was interested in a senior UX design role at a mid-sized fintech company. When I declined, the recruiter seemed confused. “You have five years of experience as a UX designer, you’ve led design teams, and you’ve worked as a creative […]

Subsea internet cables could help detect earthquakes

Internet cables that crisscross the sea-floor could be used to detect earthquakes and tsunamis or monitor how climate change alters ocean currents. These telecoms cables could be used as a giant array of deep-sea scientific sensors, the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and its partners say. Scientists tested the technique on an optical-fibre link between […]

Laravel Roles and Permissions: Gates and Policies Explained

In Laravel, roles and permissions have been one of the most confusing topics over the years. Mostly, because there is no documentation about it: the same things “hide” under other terms in the framework, like “gates”, “policies”, “guards”, etc. In this article, I will try to explain them all in “human language”. Gate is the […]