Twitter steps up Ukraine misinformation fight

Twitter has said it plans to put misleading tweets from official accounts about the Ukraine war behind warning notices. The change follows heightened scrutiny of the social media platform after the war unleashed a new surge of misinformation, sometimes from government sources. Twitter has already limited content from more than 300 Russian government accounts, including […]

Little Figma tricks that saved your time.

Being a Product Designer, your tool is your superpower. When I switched from Sketch to Figma I felt a little handicapped. I vividly remember struggling to deliver projects on time. I had a hard time using Figma so I spent my free time looking for little tricks. Auto Space anything and everything. Resize instantly. Figma’s […]

Canada to ban China’s Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks

Canada says it will ban two of China’s biggest telecoms equipment makers from working on its 5G phone networks. The restrictions against Huawei and ZTE were announced by the country’s industry minister on Thursday. Francois-Philippe Champagne says the move will improve Canada’s mobile internet services and “protect the safety and security of Canadians”. But Huawei […]

Deploy your PHP Codebase with Ansible and GitHub Actions

This tutorial will show you how you can automate the deploy of your PHP codebase with the help of GitHub Actions and Ansible. There are a lot of different approaches when it comes to deploying your PHP application to your production server(s). Nowadays, most projects use git and live on a platform like GitHub, GitLab […]

How to Be a 10x Software Engineer (3 common mistakes juniors engineers make)

The best engineers are 10x better than an average engineer. Like a one man army, they deliver more value, faster, by themselves, than a team of junior engineers combined. But how could that be? Isn’t more always better? In my time as an engineering lead at Netflix and Amazon, I’ve worked with both new grad […]

Clearview AI fined in UK for illegally storing facial images

Facial recognition company Clearview AI has been fined more than £7.5m by the UK’s privacy watchdog and told to delete the data of UK residents. The company gathers images from the internet to create a global facial recognition database. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) says that breaches UK data protection laws. It has ordered the […]

Why Hybrid Intelligence Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?

The majority of work in the digital age will be performed by Hybrid Intelligence, which combines human and artificial intelligence (AI)The majority of work in the digital age will be performed by Hybrid Intelligence, which combines human and artificial intelligence (AI), using complementary qualities that, when joined, boost each other. Artificial and human intelligence thrive […]

Facebook and Google news law passed in Australia

Australia has passed a world-first law aimed at making Google and Facebook pay for news content on their platforms. The legislation had been fiercely opposed by the US tech giants, with Facebook blocking all news content to Australians over the row. Facebook agreed to reverse its decision after robust negotiations with the government, which led […]

Laravel Livewire: 14 Tips and Tricks

The 14 tips are included No render() needed, Components in Subfolders, Components in non-default Folder, Easily Rename or Move Components, Change Default Component Templates, Don’t Create a Method Just to Set Value, Step Even Further: Set True/False Value Easily, Three Ways to Minimize Server Requests, Customize Validation Attributes, Loading Indicators, Offline Indicator, Pagination with Bootstrap […]