What Cyber Security Awareness Do You Need To Know?

Cyber ​​security is so important that it has a full month to raise awareness of why it should be a part of all companies and professional environments. October is Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month and is being revived to ensure Americans have the resources they need to stay safe and secure online. What Is Cyber ​​Security? […]

Facebook Reveals Chinese Network Behind Fake Experts

The owner of Facebook Meta Platforms has removed more than 500 accounts linked to the China -based online disinformation network. The account has promoted allegations of a fake Swiss biologist named “Wilson Edwards”, who claims the U.S. intervened in an effort to find the origin of Covid-19. Earlier in July, an account disguised as a […]

5 Most Common Cyber Attacks & Ways To Avoid Them

Open a suspicious link received to your mailbox? Forgot to update the system? Not using two -factor authentication? You are at risk! However, there is no reason to panic. Let’s take a look at the five most popular hacker attacks and ways to protect against those attacks. 1. Viruses (Ransomware Viruses) Viruses are usually called […]

Face Recognition Firms Face Possible £ 17m Privacy Fines

An Australian firm claiming to have a database of more than 10 billion facial images faces, a potential £ 17 million fine over its handling of personal data in the UK. The Information Commissioner’s Office said, it has significant concerns about Clearview Artificial Intelligent(AI), whose face recognition software is used by police forces. It has […]

What Are Chatbot And The Benefits Of Using It?

Are you a new business looking for innovative ways to connect with your target audience? Have you seen other brands use chatbots recently and wondered how you can use them for your own brand? Businesses and brands are always looking for something new to improve their customer service, or their user experience. One of the […]