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So here are the 20 tips and trick on Laravel provide by Ashley Allen.

  1. Using DATETIME Fields Instead of Booleans
  2. Naming Date and Time Columns
  3. Using Matrix Sequences in Factories
  4. Using ‘when’ in PendingRequest
  5. Using ‘checked’ and ‘selected’ Blade Directives
  6. Using ‘Mockery::on()’ in PHPUnit tests
  7. Using getOrPut() in Collections
  8. Debugging HTTP Requests
  9. Replicating Models
  10. Adding Auto-complete Hints to Artisan Commands
  11. Using ‘wasRecentlyCreated’ on Models
  12. Changing the Key for Route Model Binding
  13. Using Dependency Injection
  14. Filtering Collections by Class Type
  15. Defining Custom Temporary URL Logic
  16. Validating MAC Addresses
  17. Encrypting Fields in the Database
  18. Moving Logic into Methods
  19. Using the Different Maintenance Mode Options
  20. Using Readonly Properties

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